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quarter, the most significant area of growth in ohio is investment technology. i.p. we have groan financial services. we have grown health care. look, there's been significant investment by auto companies in ohio. they are reducing their footprint. i wish we could get more here. i just met with the delphi team trying to get more business there. but, i mean, let's be fair about this. the fact is, the bureau of labor statistics said when you take everything into account, companies and suppliers we are up 400 jobs. we did not grow by relying on one industry or one sector. we have done it by diversifying ohio and making it safe for people to come in here. i called ceos in other states and they are interested in what we are doing here. there are no surprises coming. when there are no surprises, investors and business people, job creators think it's safe to go there. the proof is in the pudding. >> let me ask you about unemployment. whoever is responsible for the success in ohio, governor romney doesn't seem impressed. this is what he said speaking earlier this month to the columbia dis
invested in our information management systems. a lot of mobility technologies being rolled out across our organization we want to take that investment and leverage it across that network. they have over 200 locations, 4300 employees, this will wring our total work force up to 14,000 employees. we're really going to be able to have a lot more scale. we believe we really can drive margin improvement across their business. when you look at this business back in the late '90s, very successful business. it went through some real difficult times. but through those difficulties, they have a real strong brand. we're going to maintain that safety clean brand. we're going to maintain that network of the branches they have. and that will be a network. we can leverage and bring other services to their customers, particularly clean harbor's field services businesses, which is part of our emergency response business, as we talked about earlier. >> now, the conference call was interesting in that everyone seems really excited about the re-refining but there was some chatter about how the parts cleaning
to be sucked up by the patented three-channel windtunnel technology. its multi-cyclonic filtration system traps dust and allergens so they won't end up back in your carpet or in the air. plus, side by side comparisons have proven it really picks up the dirt versus the leading competitor after only one pass. with just the touch of a button, easily adjust from carpet to hardwood floors. and it never loses suction... wow! >> the hoover windtunnel air is by far the best vacuum cleaner that i've ever owned. it's light, it's convenient, it's powerful and it's a hoover, so i know it's a quality product. >> announcer: the hoover windtunnel air comes with a reusable primary filter and a filter with hepa media that traps 99.97% of dust, pollen, pet dander and dirt. it comes with this 30-foot cord and super-size capacity dust cup, which holds 25% more dirt than the competition. your windtunnel air includes this multi-purpose three-in-one combination tool with onboard detachable extension wand and hose, which together, reach 14 feet for dusting, upholstery and crevices. >> i can't imagine more suction than
melser in ocean city. lowell? >> tweet can see what is going on and why it has affected technology. >> we apologize for losing the audio. we will work on that and go back live to lowell melser when we established an audio connection. >> there is much more ahead. stay tuned. is urgingnne's county residents to evacuate. we will have more coming up. >> areas along the eastern coast are expecting to be hit the hardest as hurricane sandy moves through. >> david collins joins us live from queen anne's county where he spoke with the emergency services. >> strong wind has been whipping up reigned since 1:00. queen anne's county is surrounded by 27% water. the director of emergency services says he wants all residents -- they began asking for voluntary evacuation. he is urging residents to take the storm seriously. >> every county has trouble spots. the southern part of queen anne's county has lots of small tributaries. we do expect some issues. in the northern part of the county and churchill, we have had problems before. we are expecting flooding issues in both areas. anywhere in the county beca
to innovate" initiative with the hopes of calling folks' attention to the need for more science, technology, engineering, and math education in the country. >> the challenge is issued every year to students and teachers. they're going after recognition and prizes like computer equipment. >> today, you know, you're still working on your game. you have, essentially, until thursday. >> for some students, the competition is an eye-opening experience. >> before this challenge, i didn't really like math or science. i thought they were kind of boring. >> once you get kids involved in creating games, they are learning s.t.e.m., but they're also learning a lot of other 21st-century skills, like leadership and teamwork, and they're getting critical thinking and all these other things that come along with it in that package. >> it's a team effort. students start by brainstorming concepts that would make a good game. >> and part of the process is that they have to come up with a design document first, where they basically map out the whole idea for the game and they have to come up with a story line an
met kpapt tigss and boeing and proctor & gamble beat expectations. among technology and internet companies, facebook and dwra hao beat expectations but facebook and disappointed. the ipad mini is lighter than the full size ipad and 7.9 inches and $329. two product launches for microsoft introducing windows 8 than tablet, the surface which retails for $499. it's been anything bau strong earnings season so far. have companies squeezed all of the profits they can from the revenues get? and what affect will the elections have on the market? joining me is bob doll from black rock. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, maria. >> let's talk about earnings. we have seen disappointments in technology. how would you characterize the earnings season so far. >> mixed at best. the expectations have been lower ed the last 60 or so days. while companies on average are beating those they are low expectations and as you hinted the revenue line is disappointing. i'd add on top of that looks like analyst expectations for the fourth quarter and next year are on the high side. >> i have to come dow
the best and i am short the rest. sector analysis is particularly important technology. people confuse this gigantic group of stocks which comprises more than 15% of the s & p 500 constantly. tack tech is a whole group of markets. infrastructure stocks, assemblers, each have a separate growth rate. here i like to look at the earnings per share growth rate of the companies i follow versus the individual prices of the sector. the sector growth rate doesn't work even though people keep trying to use it. cloud stocks, for example, are highly valued. price rates to growth earnings are extreme. that means there's no room for error, a chunk that could upset the growth rate. in 2011 one of my favorite cloud stocks -- it got pancaked and stayed ugly for a long time. why? because it underperformed its portion of the technology sector even as its growth rate would have been outstanding for say a personal computer-related stock or a disc drive, a semiconductor or cell phone company. these days knowing what the sector is isn't enough. you need to note sub sector. you need to know how your company s
of the market, virtually without fail. as all things technology rallied close to the holidays, the corporate technology budget flush this year, not happening at all. tech has been getting slaughtered. is this a temporary problem or something more permanent, more persistent happening out there? perhaps being caused by the decline of the desk top? the whole tech sector needs a checkup. no better place than avnet. avnet is the ultimate thermometer around. this company i like to call the biggest supermarket of tech on earth. the distributor of electronic components and one of the largest distributors of hardware. and they preannounced on the downside, the stock just got obliterated. more important, a powerful sign of tech's weakness, and today, the company reported, and avnet missed earnings estimates by a penny, they came in light, 8.7% year over year. and avnet's guidance, better than most people expecting. what worries me, avnet's weakness didn't come from europe, it didn't come from china, where many people are worried about the slowdown. the killer region was the americas. revenues down 14%
for her with a little help from technology. so how did you find one for her? >> well, i went around, looked at different colors that she requested, and then i took pictures, i sent them to her, and she replied. >> the reactions i see from the students is excitement. they're ready for their night, they're so excited that their dress fits, and it's just so nice to see them happy and that they just can't wait for their night. >> operation prom isn't just about dresses. >> it's not just for girls. we have partnerships with some tuxedo companies that will help us give tuxedos to boys going to proms, as well. >> in addition to the outfits, there's also tons of accessories. how does someone apply for clothing, and how do they prove they need the help? >> well, the student does have to fill out an application, and they need to see their guidance counselor or social worker, who will approve them for the program. they do need to be in financial need, and they have to be passing all of their classes. >> started in new york, operation prom is expanding to states across the country. in addition,
in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter. ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. properly inflated tires can increase fuel efficiency by three percent. that's about 8 cents a gallon, and that can really add up over the next few years. see, going green can save you green the more you know. www.wbaltv.c >> you are watching wbal tv 11 live local, late breaking. >> good morning and i'm mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for a special early edition of the news. >> there are a lot of closings in anticipation of hurricane sandy. we will have them scrolling on the bottom of the screen and >> we have live team cove
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technology, clothing, and accessories for men, women, and kids. the store is expected to open in february. we are in november, holiday shopping ramps up. some retailers have decided the best way to compete with digital competitors is to go digital themselves. >> even the giants of retailing system of their biggest competition is not the store next door, but the store online. >> they know that people will be whipping out their smartphones and pulling up to see what is amazon's price. >> t greater than toys r us and target have decided to get aggressive. >> price matching, reintroducing layaway, free shipping to your home are all steps physical stores are taking to avoid being something other than a showroom for their digital rivals. >> stores do not want to be amazon's showroom this year. is something we're seeing with a variety of promotions. >> they have rented they have to pay. they need to incentivize consumers to visit the stores. >> target is utilizing qr codes for easy access to its top toys. >> you can snap a picture of the item with your phone and have it shipped to your home for free
the south president street. consumers can expect cutting edge technology along with clothing, footwear, and accessories. the store is expected to open in february. a lot of people is -- a lot of people will soon start their holiday shopping, but does that does not mean the stores will be busier. sometimes the biggest competition is the store online. stores are stocking up to make sure shoppers that do come and do not find items out of stock. they are using special in person discounts and qr codes that get people to go to the brik and morter. do you prefer to do your holiday shopping online or in stores? share your response at, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail. facebook is testing out some new things to get users to stay on their side longer. the damage estimates for hurricane sandy continues to rise. >> the hurricane may be long gone, but parts of the northeast are still struggling pretty bad. there were miles of traffic jams for people looking for gas and still facing blackout. the pentagon has deployed 300 marines and sailors as we pick up the pieces. up to $20 b
's head of technology wants to make sure key information at headquarters and at schools will be protected. >> we are going to shut down our school servers and computers in the schools down this afternoon to protect that and leave all of our main systems up tonight to do backups. >> in the meantime, school officials say they'll be sure to get the word out to patients on the status of the school day by way of the internet and automated telephone system. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police issue an arrest in the shooting death of a 13-year-old girl. >> a fire rips through an edgewood home, killing a 5-year-old. >> and the baltimore ravens need your help, what they're doing to make sure no one goes hungry this holiday season. [ female announcer ] it's deliciously dark just before dawn. it's a rainy morning becoming a caramel drizzle. with folgers gourmet selections, you can turn any day gourmet. new roasts, new flavors, and a new look. >> a two-story row home caught on fire last night in harford county killing a 5-year-old boy. it sparked roughly around 6:30 in the 1400 block of charlestow
with colorblend technology gives expert highlights and lowlights. for color that's true to you. i don't know how she does it. with nice'n easy, all they see is you. its pretty new shape quickly fills a room with fragrance. and a room with fragrance sets the stage for life. introducing the new candle from glade. chips, chips! [ female announcer ] silence those tempting thoughts with new light & fit greek. its creamy thick texture helps satisfy you. and at 80 calories it's the lightest greek yogurt with fruit. new light & fit greek. be light and fit and satisfied. >>> good morning. on "today's extra yard," an nfl great comforting kids. obviously being sick is not only a scary experience for kids, but can also make them feel different. that's why atlanta falcon tony gonzalez makes sure that kids know they have a buddy. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more. >> reporter: these kids are called shadow buddies, kids with cancer, kids with inhalers, teaching them about their illness and making them feel less alone and even a big strapping football player like tony gonzalez can get a lot from these dolls and t
season. the bulk of technology reports are already reported. the first was that the united states was holding its own. maybe getting a little better. power behind consumer spend. the fiscal cliff looming but still the positive. second is that europe's a disaster and the most important thing you can do is distance yourself from the continent. ask companies like alcoa and ford. the third, that china had become a big disappointment. yeah, china. and it wupt going to turn around any time soon. certainly not in time to help 2012. this came from a decline in orders. they all articulated as such on a recent conference call. companies that have been optimistic that china was about to turn, that the growth was about to kick in collectively seemed to give up all at once on the clos sus. nobody had been more upbeat than caterpillar. but you know what it did? it threw in the terrible towel. openly bemoaning china in 2012. gut wrenching. now fast forward to earlier this morning and let me make this thing up close and personal. new york city mayor decided yesterday you needed three people in yo
store starting construction this month. officials say consumers can expect cutting edge technology along with clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and children. you also get expert recommendations for specific training needs. the store is expected to open in february. gas prices are dropping, but the same prices would have been considered outrageous just a few years ago. our drivers attitude's changing? >> the value of the school -- of that fuel has been changing more than the weather lately and drivers are not too happy about it. >> i think it is outrageous. i don't think anyone is happy about the price of gas, but what are you going to do? >> the more we fill up, the more we get used to paying higher prices. what is the normal price? >> anywhere under $4 would be decent. >> maybe $3 or $2.50 would be nice. >> $2.50 would probably be normal. >> over the years, we have created a new normal, pay more at the pump. >> we have a constant rate calibration of what our expectations are. >> not that long ago, $1.35 a gallon seemed way too high. times and attitudes have changed. >> p
the technology we had available it all came down that night to tim's white board. >> the simplest way to express it because it really -- it was almost a tv program about adding at that point. >> in our most recent presidential election 2008 brian williams did something pretty unique on election night. >> brian knew it would be a very special night. they went into the night having a pretty good idea that barack obama was going to win, and how do you tell this story of the first african-american president? it was such a monumental event what. brian did was he got a poster, the type of poster you would see in classrooms across america with 43 white -- 43 ovals on the poster of 43 past presidents, all of them white americans and brian's message that night was tonight the oval is going to change, and it was really a way to connect with the viewer and also a personal expression of how really monumental that night was. >> and now i understand you're going to update this e-book based on what happens six nights from now? >> the book will have a chapter about 2012. if you buy it before the election, the u
'. but kate -- still looks like...kate. nice'n easy with colorblend technology gives expert highlights and lowlights. for color that's true to you. i don't know how she does it. with nice'n easy, all they see is you. >>> resale was one of the hottest sectors out there. now the market is back open, retail is working. i know it still works. just take a look at tanger factory outlet centers. owns 40 outlet centers, 28 different states. it has a solid yield. company has raised its dividend every single year since it came public. more important, tanger reported last night, raising low end of its guidance. even better, the company's occupancy ratio rose to 98.6%. healthy temperature. let's hear from the ceo to hear more about the quarter and what's happening. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks, jim. how you doing? >> you did it again. just fantastic numbers. getting used to that. you bought a couple in 2011. you got a place in rehoboth beach, a player in maryland. how are they stacking up after the hurricane? >> well, thank heavens, the hurricane came through. there was a lot of water th
knows that technology only goes so far. to be a successful politician in any way, a tweet will never replace a hug. >> you need a hug? thank you so much. >> that's how it's done in newark. let's take a drive down the shore, about 65 miles south of there, ron allen is in toms river tonight. and, ron, you and i were together last night in point pleasant beach. now you're in toms river, which i would say is kind of the classic middle class, central jersey shore suburb, 80% of us have an aunt hazel. mine lived on jackson avenue in toms river. we used to visit her, go over to the beach. what have you seen in your travels and what are you learning in getting this masters degree on the jersey shore? >> reporter: well, first, let me say, i know this place as well, too. i've covered disasters all over the world, but jersey is my home as well. i'm from the northern part of the state, jersey city, montclair. down here, the story is really the destruction that you see that is just really mind-boggling. communities so hard hit that days later, thousands of people haven't been able to even see wha
we're getting a sneak peek in our studio. >> i kind of love this. our technology expert got her hands on the much-hyped gadget. katie, good morning. >> good morning. >> by point of reference this is a normal ipad, this is the mini and then you can compare it to the size -- that's an iphone 5. >> i just held it. i loved it. i hugged it. what is the difference, i mean, from a technological standpoint between this ipad and the mini ipad? >> it's obviously as soon as you can pick it up you can tell how light it is. in terms of features, obviously much smaller. 7.9 inches as compared to the ipad 4 which is 9.7 inches, 20% thin and 53% lighter and jam packed inside there are the features. kind of like an ipad 2 so front facing, rear facing, 5 mega pixel camera. i was impressed by the battery life, really nerdy. had ten-plus hours. a really nice feature, but in terms of everything you would expect from an ipad it's right in there. fun size. >> as i continue to play carol merrill, if you've got one of these, why do you need it? >> a one-size-fits-all. it's your choice, another option for the
color. so these jeans particularly are by nydj. they have the patented lift tuck technology. they are skinny in the leg, the skinny petite legging. petite is important because it gives you that right knee placement as well. it's a perfect length for her. we got the color. a lot of women are nervous about color. but those are the darker shades. the eggplant. the chocolate. >> i love color jeans. they're so in right now. those do not look like mom jeans. >> they're the anti-mom jean. >> thank you, karen. next up is tanetta. eu your challenge for her was finding a good fit for all her of her curves. >> my name is tanetta. my biggest problem is finding something to fit over my thighs and my bottom area, but that will be small enough to fit my waist. >> the thing is if you're trying to down play a heavier bottom half, you want to go for more of a slenderizing boot cut bottom. you want a slightly lighter shading down the center panel, because this makes your legs look slimmer just because of the optical illusion. no, no, no. this is not the right silhouette for you. want to create
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)